Because "every ONE needs a story of hope",

Momentum Church exists to help you journey forward through life with God, purpose and friends.

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Ross Wiseman Lead Pastor

Ross Wiseman

Lead Pastor

Corey Blair Worship Pastor / Empire Youth

Corey Blair

Worship Pastor / Empire Youth

Stephanie Robison Connections Pastor

Stephanie Robison

Connections Pastor

Amie Wiseman Mo Kids

Amie Wiseman

Mo Kids

Kristi Choate Administration

Kristi Choate


Marvin Civil Outreach / Young Adults

Marvin Civil

Outreach / Young Adults

Bryan Choate Technical Director

Bryan Choate

Technical Director

Brantley Johnson Executive Pastor

Brantley Johnson

Executive Pastor

Jared Hager Production Director

Jared Hager

Production Director

Momentum is committed to:


Core Value 1:  Intimacy with God

We value an active, participatory relationship with God.

Core Value 2:  Relevancy in Teaching

We value a relevant presentation of Jesus’ teachings and biblical principles.

Core Value 3:  Authenticity in Relationships

We value genuine relationships that foster a freedom to express doubts and fears, and a platform to proclaim victories and discoveries.

Core Value 4:  Intentionality in Ministry

We value intentional, focused and practical ministry.

Core Value 5:  Responsibility to Community

We value a healthy awareness of our responsibility to community and the world reinforced by corresponding action.

Core Value 6:  Inspirational Generosity

We value expressing the sacrificial character of Christ by allowing generosity in every way to become second nature. We call this the “Extra Mile Lifestyle”.